Fishing boat machine-gunned by the Libyans, the commander: “There was a militiaman trained in Messina”

Among the Libyan militiamen who fired at the Aliseo fishing boat “there was one trained by Italy in Messina and he spoke Italian”. At the AGI Giuseppe Giacalone, the captain of the boat, who was wounded in the Libyan strafing last Thursday, recounts those moments. «It had taken us an hour to recover the nets, when the Navy called us around 10.15 and invited us to reverse the route to the north, without explaining what was happening. ‘Head north’, they told us and we did. We were almost 50 miles from the Libyan coast, around 1.15 pm, and a Libyan patrol boat joined us, “stopped, stopped”, they yelled at us and started firing with three rifles ».

«They aimed at the man – recalls Giacalone – they only wanted to kill me, they told me” stop, stop “, but I went ahead and in the meantime I gave instructions to the crew to go down. The Libyans looked me straight in the eye, and with their fingers signaled that they would cut my throat. Then, when they hit me, I went out of the cabin, and showing him the shirt (bloody, ed) I said ‘enough!’, And there the commander of the Libyan patrol boat understood, he started saying “sorry, forgive”, to to apologize; he wanted to assist us and take us to Khoms hospital. ‘

The commander decides not to stop, due to the previous kidnappings of the Mazara fishing boats, the last one concluded last December. «I told him that I didn’t want to stop – continues Gicalone – and there was the Navy ship that could give us assistance. Then we were forced to stop and they took me and the boatswain, while three Libyan soldiers boarded the fishing boat. One of them had been trained in Messina and spoke Italian, that is, this was trained by our military to harm us and also the Libyan patrol boat is that of the Guardia di Finanza that we had given him. This military man told us that if we didn’t stop, they would throw us bottles full of petrol, which he showed us, to use them as Molotov cocktails ».

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