First stop of GDScuola at the Sperone-Pertini institute, the meeting between students and director Romano

GDScuola, a project aimed at creating content, visited the Sperone-Pertini Institute in Palermo. Middle school students participated in creating content on topics such as the beauty of the city, their school, and drug problems in the neighborhood. The students also met with the director of the Giornale di Sicilia, Marco Romano, who stressed the importance of accurate information in the age of fake news. The school’s principal, Antonella Di Bartolo, emphasized the importance of the project in developing the students’ critical thinking skills and expressive abilities. She stated that writing articles about their school and neighborhood helps them reflect on themselves and the world around them. The project not only cultivates awareness but also helps the students navigate the challenges of the internet.

Prima tappa di GDScuola all’istituto Sperone-Pertini, l’incontro tra gli studenti e il direttore Romano

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