First Popup Sport Zone with outdoor facilities opens in Palermo

The first Popup Sport Zone in Palermo will be presented on Wednesday, December 13. The project, promoted by Asc Attività Sportive Confederate and with the contribution of the Department for Sport, aims to improve citizens’ quality of life, promote sustainable urban models, and encourage sports as a tool for socializing, inclusion, and health. The Popup Sport Zones will be set up in 10 Italian cities and will include outdoor sports facilities accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. The initiative will be launched at the Vincenzo Florio Garden (Case Rocca) in Palermo. The project aims to reduce travel times and contain pollution, and will include the creation of a dedicated app and a high level of digitization. Each equipped area will have a QR code providing information about the activities available.

Nasce a Palermo la prima Popup Sport Zone con aree attrezzate all’aperto

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