First Gospel wedding in Modica

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First Gospel wedding in Modica!
It was celebrated by Don Andrea Amore at the Mother Church of San Pietro on June 24th.
The spouses Maria Chiara and Ignazio, together with the guests, let themselves be carried away by the rhythm and melody of the various songs that animated the Liturgy of the Wedding Rite, performed by the Modica Gospel Choir, directed and accompanied on the piano by Maestro Giorgio Rizza.
Surprise for everyone, except for the newlyweds who had prepared everything.
Nobody noticed anything because the gospel choir had skilfully mixed among the guests and, suddenly, as soon as the couple entered the church, a flashmob started, to general amazement, with the famous song (in the gospel version of the Royal Wedding) of «Stand by me» interpreted, for the occasion by the tenor Guido Cicero, a new entry of the choir.
During the religious ceremony more well-known pieces were performed such as: “Amazing Grace”, “Kum Ba Ya”, “Oh happy day”, which aroused great joy and emotion among the guests but, above all, by the spouses.
The Modica Gospel Choir founded in May 2018, the result of the “Let’s sing Gospel!” held by the Modicano (transplanted to Turin for about 40 years), M ° Aurelio Pitino (former director of the Anno Domini Gospel Choir of Turin which, this year, celebrates 29 years of activity) is part of the “Let’s sing Gospel Connection” , a National Community of choirs (Turin, Asti, Milan, Ferrara, Cervia, Rome, Naples, Ischia, Bari) also founded and directed by Maestro Pitino.
Since 2018 the choir has been expertly directed by Maestro Giorgio Rizza.
The members of the Modica Gospel Choir are, starting with the Sopranos section, Ausilia Viola, Patrizia Armenia, Mariuccia Di Raimondo, Marcella Bonomo, Patrizia Candiano, Marina Cassarino.
The Tenors: Giorgio Di Raimondo, Tony Gagliolo, Guido Cicero.
The Contralti: Tiziana Garofalo, Marina Lorefice, Maria Grazia Rendo, Nena Mariam Nava, Mariaclara Leone, Carla Barone, Sara Terranova.
In addition to the uniqueness of a gospel style wedding, the proposal could represent an original idea to recommend to future spouses for a special, suggestive and


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