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First City Congress of Action in Palermo: Mario Enea elected secretary

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Mario Enea

On April 2, 2021, the first citizen congress of Action took place in Palermo in which Mario Enea was elected citizen secretary.

Here are some passages from his motion

The Italy that works, produces, studies and struggles has the moral duty to participate in the political life of the country which until now has been entrusted to the professionals of politics whose goal, many times, has been to satisfy their personal ambitions, including economic character.
Choosing Action means putting the interests of the country, society and citizens at the center, that is, the real politics that today has been replaced by the balancing act of the parties in the face of populisms and sovereignties.
On the one hand, on the left, the social democrats surrender to the populists with whom there are strong differences with respect to international and energy politics, in the center Forza Italia surrenders itself to the sovereigns, all this without raising voices of dissent.

Action, whose cultural and political roots are Sturzo’s social liberalism and popularism, believes that in Italy a synthesis of these two great cultures must be made by addressing economic and social issues such as poverty, health care, education and climate, but at the same time emphasizing the rights and autonomy of the individual, who is the most important social capital of a nation, and moreover a high-yield capital in which too little has been invested in the past.

Of course, Action does not forget the southern question which is fundamental for the whole country and, taking Draghi’s words, it must be avoided that it is reduced to sterile claims, but it must be faced with urgency, determination, unity: because all of Italy needs that Naples and the South are an engine of the country.

Palermo has been mortified too many times due to bad administration, our city is always among the last in the various rankings relating to services for the citizen and no one can deny that the services of our city are among the worst in Italy; just remember waste management, local public transport, cemetery services, etc.
Now the time has come when we can turn the page and in this we must convince the Palermitans of the fact that it is possible to change because there is no will of a god who relegates us to the less livable Italian cities.

Action had the courage to promptly propose, as a candidate for the office of Mayor, Fabrizio Ferrandelli who is part of + Europe, with whom we fought in the City Council against the unreasonableness of the Palermo administration.
Our councilor Leonardo Canto engaged in battles such as those for the tram and the rebalancing plan together with Cesare Mattaliano and Fabrizio Ferrandelli of + Europa himself.
Battles in which OSO’s commitment with Giulia Argiroffi and Ugo Forello was essential, and in which we stood alongside the directors of Italia Viva.
All forces that are part of that reformist center in which, in relation to converging visions, a dialogue is desirable.

Action coming out of party tactics intends to put at the service of the city its commitment to make the city more livable for the next generations, to which bad administration is leaving a debt to be paid in the next twenty years, as foreseen in the rebalancing plan to which we opposed.
The discontinuity with the Orlando Administration is a fundamental element of our vision, but we do not want to throw “the baby out with the bathwater”, in the sense that some choices of the Orlando Administration, such as the recovery process of the center historical and important cultural initiatives, must be recognized as courageous and commendable and indeed must be carried out.
Action to prepare for this electoral competition organized thematic tables on some problems of the city in which Palermo shareholders conducted analyzes and elaborated proposals for the city, in an in-depth work that saw the commitment of professionals, university teachers, representatives civil society and institutional representatives.
The topics addressed were: waste management, mobility and local public transport, the management of investee companies, sports infrastructures and their management, public services for citizens.
The result was a program of more than 140 pages that candidate Ferrandelli shared and which constitutes a different approach to that of the old politics that speaks only of candidates and party alchemy, and not of what you want to do for this city.
Finally, every candidate should have the courage to say what he intends to do about the hot topics of the city, to explain his vision of the Palermo of the future.
This would be the real change.

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