Fires in the Madonie seen from Space: flames and a large column of smoke captured in a photo

Yesterday, more than forty fires devastated the province of Palermo. The situation in the Madonie area was particularly critical, as flames reached Cefalù, where a 42-year-old woman died and seven hundred tourists had to evacuate the Costa Verde hotel. The smoke and flames were so intense that they were even visible from space, as shown in a photograph shared on social media by Copernicus Eu. The smoke columns, fueled by strong sirocco winds, were so intense, high, and powerful that they could be seen from space. The area has been devastated by the fires, and the firefighting efforts, involving firefighters, forest rangers, and civil protection, have been massive, with reinforcements arriving from all parts of the island, including helicopters and Canadair aircraft. The outcome has once again been dramatic, just when the emergency of July 24 and 25 seemed distant.

Gli incendi sulle Madonie visti dallo Spazio: in una foto le fiamme e un’alta colonna di fumo

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