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  • More fires in Ennese. Several interventions in recent days
  • Flames near homes, residents evacuated
  • 40 guests away from farm in Troina.

In recent days, members of the patrols of the various offices of the State Police of the province of Enna have been engaged in a major activity aimed at facilitating, by the bodies in charge, the extinguishing of the numerous fires that have hit this territory and to rescue people who, despite the danger arising from the flames affecting their homes, did not accept the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčleaving their homes.

And so the operators of the State Police patrols have carried out their duty as public rescue operators with self-denial, alone or together with the representatives of the other police forces or in aid of the Fire Brigade, Forestry or Civil Protection personnel. , who have done everything to save people and their homes from fires.

Residents of Gagliano Castelferrato and Nicosia rescued

It is worth mentioning in particular the activity carried out last Friday 2 July by the operators of the Enna Traffic Police Section, the Nicosia Traffic Police detachment and the Leonforte PS Commissariat, thanks to which it was possible to evacuate and secure several people residing in some districts of the municipalities of Gagliano Castelferrato and Nicosia, their animals and related barns. On several occasions, the aforementioned activities required the preliminary intervention of Canadair or helicopters.

Smoke and flames in Agira

In the evening, around 20.00 on 2 July, in particular, the rescue activity carried out by the staff of the offices indicated above, made it possible to secure the members of a family and to rescue, in particular , a person residing in a district of the municipality of Agira, who due to the high flames and fumes of the fire, was taken ill, for which the immediate intervention of an ambulance was required that transported the man to the hospital S. Elia of Caltanissetta.

Large fire yesterday in Troina

Yesterday, Monday 5 July, the action of the State Police and other police forces was concentrated particularly in the territory of the municipality of Troina where a vast fire affected many farms, evacuated, some of which were damaged by flames as well as a agritourism company from which they were made to leave about 40 guests.

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