Fires and Fear in Monreale and San Martino delle Scale: Homes Evacuated

Fires have not spared the territory of Monreale, in Palermo. Firefighters are in action in the Pezzingoli area, where two teams are located and it has also been necessary to evacuate about ten people from their homes. These are mainly elderly people with mobility problems, and no damage to homes or injuries have been reported. In recent hours, flames have also spread to the nearby village of San Martino delle Scale: in this case too, some residents had to leave their homes as a precaution, awaiting the intervention of firefighters. The arrival of a Canadair and a helicopter was also necessary. The Carabinieri and the Civil Protection, in agreement with the Municipal Police, have decided to close the entrances to San Martino delle Scale via Viale Regione Siciliana to allow emergency services to reach the area as quickly as possible.

Incendi e paura a Monreale e a San Martino delle Scale: abitazioni evacuate

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