Firefighters of Palermo, Sergio Inzerillo is the new provincial commander:

Sara Sergio Inzerillo, 59 years old, the new one fire brigade commander of Palermo.

General Inzerillo joined the fire brigade in 1995. From 2019 to the end of February he was commander in Caserta. Before that appointment he was commander of the central fire fighting schools in Rome Capannelle, and commander of the operational training school of the Montelibretti fire brigade.

He has held various positions and is the author of texts on occupational safety, and for having carried out various tasks in the field of safety of the operational activity of firefighters. He was director and deputy director of the fire department, public rescue and civil defense, serving with the national corps. In 1995 he was a risk analyst in Turin at the interregional inspectorate of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta.

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