Fire on the Vampolieri hill in the Catanese area firefighters in action

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The fire emergency in Sicily continues: yet another intervention in the Catania area, firefighters in action on the Vampolieri hill.

A big fire broke out today on the hill of Vampolieribetween the municipalities of Aci Catena and Aci Castello (in the province of Catania).

The shutdown operations are in progress at this time.

Fire in Vampolieri: firefighters in action in the Catania area

The triggering causes of the stake are not yet known.
On site, to put out the flames, there are 3 teams of fire fighters and several volunteers from the Civil protection.

At the moment, the intervention of aircraft fire fighting.


High alert for fire risk

In the meantime, please remember to pay close attention, especially near wooded areas.
In fact, the alert remains high for risk of fires and heat waves: in these hours, the African anticyclone “Charon” continues to contribute to the rise in temperatures in Sicily and, unfortunately, also to the increase in fires – especially of vegetation.

The areas of the eastern sector of the island are among the areas most at risk.
In recent days, a real fire emergency has multiplied the interventions of the fire fightersthe Forestry and Civil Protection in various areas, especially in the province of Palermo.

News from Sicily 2022-06-30 16:26:00

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