Fire at San Cataldo hospital, medical guard facilities rendered unusable.

A fire broke out this morning, shortly before noon, inside the Raimondi hospital in San Cataldo, Caltanissetta province, in the rooms where CT scans are conducted. No injuries were reported. Firefighters were engaged until 3 pm this afternoon. After extinguishing the fire, the premises needed to be decontaminated and secured, and a survey was conducted to determine the cause of the fire and the damages. The fire apparently started near an electrical panel, in a station where electrical medical equipment was being charged. The medical guard and emergency services in the same area on the ground floor are also out of service. A joint inspection was carried out by firefighters and medical personnel to assess the possibility of keeping the services on the first floor operational, which seems to have not suffered any damage. The radiology department, located on the ground floor but in a separate wing, will not be closed. The functionality of the CT scan is being verified. The commissioner of the Caltanissetta Public Health Authority, Alessandro Caltagirone, explains that further inspections will be carried out starting tomorrow, not only to determine the cause of the fire (it is currently believed to be an electrical outlet in the CT scan room that short-circuited) but also to restore the use of the medical guard and emergency services, which are currently closed due to health concerns. Alternative premises have been promptly found within the hospital to be used starting tonight and for a few days next week. The commissioner ensures the continuity of care for the citizens and expresses his regret for what happened, vowing to accelerate the restoration of normal medical activities through necessary maintenance procedures.

Incendio nell’ospedale di San Cataldo, fuori uso i locali della guardia medica

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