Fire at a store under construction at Etnapolis in Belpasso: shopping center evacuated and reopened.

The Etnapolis shopping center in Belpasso was partially evacuated as a precaution for a small fire in a store under construction. A lot of smoke was released, but the flames were quickly extinguished and the situation remained under control. The fire, which was said to have been accidentally caused, broke out shortly before 5 p.m. inside a store on the ground floor of the shopping center where some cardboard boxes caught fire. Due to the fumes, the shopping center was evacuated purely as a precaution and then reopened to the public at 6:30 p.m. There were no reported injuries or intoxications. The firefighters from the provincial command of Catania and the carabinieri from the PaternĂ² company intervened on the scene.

Belpasso, incendio in un negozio in allestimento a Etnapolis: il centro commerciale evacuato e poi riaperto

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