Fipav Sicily. Mid-championship qualifying match of regional role Officials

S.Last night, Monday 3 May, in streaming mode, the qualifying match of the regional role of the Officials was held. The meeting was managed and conducted by the Regional Commission of Race Officials, composed of the manager Giovanni Giorgianni and the two deputy managers Antonino Di Lorenzo and Alessandro Ferrigno. It was attended by regional referees, regional observers, national delegates and supervisors. It was a constructive meeting, where the participants had the opportunity to discuss the results and impressions encountered in the first part of the season. Among the topics covered, there was a broad and positive discussion on the management of the tender and on the implementation of the Covid protocol for conducting tenders safely. The meeting, in fact, was organized in view of the imminent start of the final phase of the Serie C Championship and the Serie D Italian Cup, which also includes new anti-covid provisions to be respected and enforced by the match officials. before the game starts. The meeting was also attended by the Regional President of Fipav Sicily, Nino Di Giacomo, who, together with the Official Race Manager Giovanni Giorgianni, wished the whole sector a great good luck for the final part of the island’s volleyball season.

04 May 2021 | 11:52