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fines and complaints for illegal occupation of public land

A fine and a complaint for illegal occupation of public land. Police, brigade and financial police have sifted through some activities of Cefalù to verify compliance with the rules from an administrative point of view. The owner of a restaurant (whose name was not provided) was challenged for illegal occupation for having “placed a large tent on the façade of the building that houses his business”. In addition to the complaint, the operator also remedied a penalty.

The second activity in which anomalies were found is a place (even the name of this was not provided) located in the streets of the historic center, always active in the world of catering, which has “occupied the public land with voluminous pedestrians in wood – explained by the Police Headquarters – in a way that differs from the concept issued by the Municipality. “Investigations underway to verify the position of the workers found inside the premises at the time of the inspection.