fine of 14 thousand euros to the holder

Editorial team 06 September 2021 08:58

Four workers in his pub were without a contract. For this reason the owner of a restaurant in the Stazzione area in Sciacca was sanctioned for a good 14 thousand euros by the carabinieri of the local company. The military, in collaboration with the anti-drug canine units of the Palermo Carabinieri nucleus and the Agrigento Labor Inspectorate, carried out several targeted checks on nightlife venues last week to verify not only compliance with anti-Covid rules but also regulations related to workers. In particular, the carabinieri during an inspection against the owner of a pub surprised 4 illegal workers, whose prior notification of the start of employment had been omitted, thus exceeding the 20% attendance threshold. of undeclared workers, compared to the total number of employees present. High penalties of approximately 14 thousand euros. The same owner was also denounced for violations of the workers’ statute, having activated an unauthorized video surveillance system that also filmed the work of the employees themselves without their knowledge. High penalties of around € 1,600.

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