final award ceremony of the Giacco competition

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Tomorrow, in Aragona, the final award ceremony of the first “Eugenio Giacco” competition will be held, which has as its theme “Aragon an artistic and cultural heritage to be preserved and handed down”.

The project, created by Pro Loco Aragona for the promotion of cultural heritage and the enhancement of the territory, was carried out with the pupils of the comprehensive institute “Luigi Capuana” of Aragon.
At the award ceremony to be held in the hall of the Palazzo Principe, at 6 pm, there will be the president of the Pro Loco of Aragon, Rosario Pendolino, the mayor of the city Giuseppe Pendolino, the head teacher of the comprehensive institute “Luigi Capuana” Pina Butera and Alessandra Giacco, PLO of the civil service.

The jury that will evaluate the papers presented by the students will be composed of Pippo Severino and Salvatore Iannuzzo, teachers, and the journalist Alan David Scifo.
The final event of the competition will be moderated by Marta Infantino and Marta Lattuca, volunteers of the civil service.

News from Sicily 2022-06-24 21:08:00

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