Filming of Petra 3 in Palermo with David award winner Paola Cortellesi: road closures and restrictions in historic center to Arenella.

The article talks about Paola Cortellesi, who recently won six David di Donatello awards for her film “C’è ancora domani.” She is now returning to the set of the TV series “Petra” as an actress. The series, which will air on Sky Original, is in its third season and will feature Palermo as one of its filming locations. Cortellesi will also be involved in the screenplay alongside other writers. The article also mentions that certain roads in Palermo will be closed during the filming of the series.

A Palermo si gira Petra 3 con il premio David Paola Cortellesi: strade chiuse e divieti dal centro storico all’Arenella

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