Filippi ready to field two pure attacking midfielders

Starting again from the attitude we had at home to overcome the travel sickness. These are the expectations of Giacomo Filippi in view of the external challenge of Castellammare against Juve Stabia of the former rosanero coach Walter Novellino. The coach from Partinecese will almost certainly propose the double attacking midfielder to support the only striker to have greater attacking incisiveness. To the commitment against the Gialloblù, never winning within the friendly walls but still unbeaten, Palermo arrives in an emergency on the flanks given the unavailability of Almici and the precarious condition of Valente, in strong doubt.

Practically safe, also given the disqualification of Odjer, the return as owner of captain De Rose: in the department. The match will be broadcast unencrypted on Rai Sport and streamed on the Eleven Sports platform. The Palermo coach expressed his feelings in view of the match against Juve Stabia: “I expect an open match – he said – I don’t think the two teams think so much about an all-out tactic from the start. championship has just begun it is right that everyone tries to win games, we are used to working like this. I am interested in that the team plays as a team and interprets the game without disuniting and ungluing between departments, this is our prerogative. well it is normal that away from home we have to reverse the trend and have the same attitude we have at home “. The coach from Partinico then de facto opened to the prospect of using two pure attacking midfielders: “The insertion of Dall’Oglio between the lines is not a question of seeking balance – he explained – you can also find balance with the playmakers . It counts to play the role in the right way as we have seen against Campobasso. Working all together in one phase as in the other without creating cracks and imbalances between departments. In doing so it is not a problem to work with players like Silipo, Fella and Floriano between the lines “. Filippi then explained how the team worked on the negative aspects that emerged during the last match: “It is true that we have improved the setting phase – he continued – but we made mistakes in the non-possession phase where we have been working in these days. We have to be good at finding balance in both phases. What matters is to interpret the game in the same way at home and away. The team must have a strong and defined mentality, then there are always the opponents and there we must be good at reading the moments of the match “. The coach then focused on the two starting midfielders. “Luperini is the one who was better physically and in a series of close matches he gave us more guarantees – explained Filippi – that’s why he played more minutes. Others weren’t in the best conditions considering the arranged preparation but it is normal that over time they all reach the same level ”. As for De Rose, the coach explained the reasons for his initial exclusion with Campobasso: “He is very well – he continued – on Wednesday he had a rest session. It is normal that he cannot play every three days after pulling the cart after 5-6 games, He also has an age and there are players who are worth like him. It is right to alternate forces and restart well ”. The technician also focused on Valente’s conditions: “Valente is called up, yesterday he worked separately, let’s try to recover him for tomorrow. It arouses good feelings, we’ll see “. Filippi then expressed his closeness to the family of former president Zamparini after the untimely death of his son Armando: ““ I am very close to the Zamparini family, even though I don’t know him personally: such a tragedy leaves its mark forever. I express my heartfelt condolences to the family. Society knows what to do, I don’t know if it has asked to play with mourning on the arm but I know that the environment is very shaken “. HERE PALERMO In midfield the return of captain De Rose is in fact certain; Filippi could decide to join Dall’Oglio to let Luperini catch his breath. On the side lanes there is an emergency with the safe absence of Almici and the precarious conditions of Valente: on the right-hand side it could be time for Doda because Accardi’s failure to recover makes it almost certain that Buttaro will be employed in defense; on the left will almost certainly play Giron. In attack Brunori is ready to return to play from the 1st minute as well as Fella, who is playing for the place with Silipo and Floriano for a jersey on the frontline. HERE JUVE STABIA After playing in the early matches with the 4-2-3-1 Novellino decided to move on to 3-5-2 in the match against Latina: a winning choice that could also be confirmed in the match against Palermo. In this case, space for the tandem composed of the main bomber of the Evacuo category and Panico with the former rosanero Bentivegna ready to take over from the bench: the former Palermo spring Italian champion Davì, who will not be in the match like Eusepi, is unavailable. , Russo, Todisco and Donati. In goal Lazzari favorite over Sarri Probable formations JUVE STABIA (3-5-2): Lazzari; Tonucci, Caldore, Troest; Scaccabarozzi, Schiavi, Altobelli, Berardocco, Rizzo; Panic, Evacuated. PALERMO (3-4-2-1): Pelagotti; Buttaro, Lancini, Marconi; Doda, Dall’Oglio, De Rose, Giron; Floriano, Fella, Brunori.

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