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Figuccia (Italy first): “Conclave in Rome by choice Mayor of Palermo, possible some black smoke but in the end we will have competitors from all the center-right”

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“It will be a conclave in Rome from which the whole center-right candidate for mayor of Palermo will emerge.
He may have some more black smoke, but in the end we will have our competitor for the City of Palermo.
This afternoon we will face the knots and I am sure that the big names, with Salvini in the lead, will be able to untangle them.
Palermo is too important in the national chessboard and then the electoral season in Sicily does not end with the Administrations, but will have the appendix in the autumn with the election of the President and the new regional Parliament.
We all work to better face the polls and not to give way to the left and the Cinquestelle, it would be a misfortune for the Sicilians “.
This was stated by Vincenzo Figuccia, deputy of the Lega – Italy first at the Sicilian Regional Assembly.

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