Fight against polio, Rotary's commitment continues


The commitment of Rotary International in the fight against poliomyelitis, a paralyzing and highly contagious disease that is usually transmitted through contaminated water and mainly affects children under the age of 5, continues unaltered.

All Rotarian clubs in the world, united in a single project for over thirty years, support a campaign that has achieved the remarkable success of the 99.9% reduction in cases.
Rotary, along with the World Health Organization and UNICEF, promotes vaccination campaigns in countries where virus outbreaks still persist.

In Agrigento, the Rotaract Club, chaired by Giorgia Contino, on the occasion of the POLIO DAY WORLD celebrated on 24 October, promptly joined the "END POLIO NOW" project, with an awareness campaign and support for the global fund for the purchase of vaccines .

"The Club of Agrigento, he claims …

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