Fight against illegal hiring, training courses for inspectors in Palermo

The training cycle on the study of tools aimed at strengthening the protection of victims of labor exploitation in agriculture organized by the Special Immigration Office of the Regional Department of the Family, Social Policies and Labor starts today in Palermo. The meetings, which will be held every day from 9.30 until next Friday at the Ibis Styles Palermo President hotel, are aimed at the Sicilian territorial labor inspectors and the Labor Inspectorate Unit (Nil) of the carabinieri, with the aim of providing an overview of context on the phenomenon of exploitation, to strengthen the inspection activities of prevention, control and repression of the phenomenon of illegal hiring.

The five days of training provided, an integral part of the Su.Pr.Eme program. Italy (South Protagonist in overcoming emergencies in the context of severe exploitation and serious marginalization of foreigners regularly present in the five less developed regions), have the aim of creating and training a multidisciplinary team to support territorial labor inspectors, facilitating the start-up of collaborations with the authorities and stakeholders in the field (prefectures, local authorities, employment centers, INPS, law enforcement agencies, non-governmental organizations, third sector bodies) in order to raise awareness on the issues of serious labor exploitation. In the coming days, the interventions of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), sessions organized by legal experts and a round table on the phenomenon of trafficking are planned. Furthermore, a cultural mediation service will be activated to support the inspection functions, with the help of nine cultural mediators seconded to the offices of the territorial labor inspectorates together with three socio-legal operators.

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