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Fifty cars damaged in the via Montepellegrino area, investigations by carabinieri and police

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Vandalism and damage to Palermo.
About fifty cars were damaged last night in the Via Montepellegrino area.
Torn tires, broken windows, nailed doors, cracked mirrors.

This is the balance sheet of what happened in via dei Cantieri, in via Capuana and in via Carlo Giachery.

The investigations are conducted by carabinieri and state police officers who have purchased the images of the video surveillance systems in the area.
Images that will make a big contribution to tracing who created all these damages to motorists who will have to pay for these damages out of their own pockets.

Damage to the Spur

Vandals in action in via Pecori Giraldito Palermo.
Someone, probably some guys, they broke the windows of a dozen cars park on the left lane.
The incident took place on Saturday evening, around 8 pm.
The councilor of the second district Pasquale Tusa, who posted a video on social media, noticed what had happened.
The incident was reported to the police, who are investigating to trace the perpetrators.

Tusa: “Let’s ask ourselves why all this happens”

Speaking to our microphones, the pentastellato exponent comments on what happened.
”The incident happened a few meters from the Pertini school.
I think it’s a stunt, a little girl.
Also because, at least at first glance, it does not seem that anything has been stolen.
I hope that the police will go back to those responsible, to give an exemplary lesson in civic education “.

Pasquale Tusa traces the causes of what happened in a cultural problem.
“Beyond the single episode, we have to ask ourselves why this is happening.
Certainly, society has shown itself to be lacking in relation to these young people, both at the cultural level and in terms of social spaces “.

The damage in piazza Nascé

Vandals in action in March in the places of nightlife in Palermo.
Last night, three cars were damaged in piazza Nascè.
Among the cars involved there are two Mercedes and a Jeep.
The criminals broke the glass in the side windows and damaged the bodywork.

They investigate the carabinieri

The investigations are conducted by the carabinieri.
The police have acquired images of the video surveillance systems in the area to try to trace the author of the damage.
The privileged track is that of some subject who, taking advantage of the darkness of the night, destroyed the windows.
This, perhaps, in order to rummage inside the cars looking for something to steal.

Residents: “This is not the first time this has happened”

It is not the first time that cars have been damaged in that area.
This was reported by the residents and owners of commercial activities in Piazza Nascè.
Among these Maurizio Castagnetta, manager of a bar in the area.
“In the last ten days similar events have already occurred between via Quintino Sella and piazza Nascè.
During the night, someone manages to break through the windows of the cars and empty them of all the objects inside ”.

“The situation is not nice.
We want to understand who these subjects are – underlines Castagnetta -.
We need territorial control.
People are afraid to park their cars.
And commercial activities think that, due to vandalism and theft, maybe people choose other places to spend their evening.

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