Ficarra and Picone on Netflix with the series ” Incastrati ”, when to see the filming in Palermo

After ”The first Christmas”, the most viewed film by the public in Italian cinemas, among the films in theaters by 31 December 2019, Ficarra and Picone are about to return to the set.

This time no movie set, but a series for Netflix, produced by Tramp Limited Srl.

The shooting of the new project should start as early as April 26, e from 6 to 11 May they will also take place in the streets of Palermo. In fact, an ordinance of the Urban Mobility service is already present on the Municipality website restricts circulation in those days in the area of ​​via Marchese di Villabianca, and in a stretch of via Mario Rutelli, via De Amicis, via La Marmora and via D’Azeglio.

At the moment no clue on the plot of the series, on the cast and the number of episodes.

The production would still seem to be looking for Italian actresses aged between 35 and 45. The only certainty at the moment: the director of photography will be Daniele Ciprì from Palermo.

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