Fibromyalgia and Life Stories marked. "A book to restore the voice of those who suffer"


"Today I am aware of my illness. My knowledge allowed me to fight it: I learned and wanted not only to manage it, but also to accept it, because only when you really know your enemy can you fight it and win it ». Sometimes surrender, in the sense of acceptance, is the only way to face the challenges that life holds for us. A painful awareness that clearly emerges from the words of Giusi Fabio who has lived together for years now, without capitulating, with the Fibromyalgia. A syndrome – improperly defined disease – which indicates a common form of diffuse musculoskeletal pain and fatigue (asthenia) which affects approximately 1.5 – 2 million Italians. What distinguishes it from other pathologies, which is disabling due to its effects, is the lack of specific tests for identification. The diagnosis, in fact, is mainly based on the symptoms that the patient reports.

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