Festival of food and wine journalism, the history of companies between events and tastings


Event location: Cre.Zi.Plus Via Paolo Gili, 4

Event date: From 12/13/2019 to 12/15/2019

Event cost: Free

There are those who, after a degree in Chemistry and a doctorate in Material Sciences, have decided to focus on Sicilian gastronomic specialties – such as extra virgin olive oil, honey, citrus fruits, laurel and prickly pear – to create cosmetic products. Who after the degree and the doctorate in Archeology and a lot of work abroad today is dedicated to the cultivation of tropical fruit. And then young people who have resumed and expanded the family business in the bakery and in the preparation of gastronomy or who have focused on quality and authenticity cuisine.

These are just some of the stories of the companies that will take part in the Festival of food and wine journalism, which is now in its sixth edition and is scheduled for December 13-15 in the spaces of Cre.Zi.Plus – pavilions 10 and 11 – at the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, in via Paolo Gili, 4 in Palermo. A Festival that also this year aims to bring together the world of information with that of the Sicilian agri-food industry, making known small but winning realities, stories of those who bet on Sicily, innovative ideas put in place by young people.

The novelty of this edition is the place: after five years on the Nebrodis, in fact, the Festival moves to Palermo, in an area, that of the Cantieri culturale alla Zisa, which can become a symbol of the potential of this city and the possibility of doing business in a different way. Organized by the Network association, the event includes three days of events, debates, tastings, music, workshops for adults and children. But above all a story of Sicilian excellences and the story of those who chose to stay. Indeed, this year's theme is "Stay: Sicily as an opportunity".

Not just stories. This year the festival pays tribute to the arancina with two events not to be missed. The first will be held on the evening of Friday 13 with the screening of a video that tells the story of the Palermo arancina. How was the arancina born? And how should it really be declined: masculine or feminine? The video, produced by the Ep Media communication agency Ep Media tries to give an answer with smart and captivating images: the direction is by Salvatore Militello and the narrating voice is that of Gabriella Di Carlo. The second appointment dedicated to the arancina is instead Saturday at 12: Fabrizio Carrera, editor of the newspaper Cronache di Gusto, will give the awards to the winners of the #arancinadays contest for the best arancina in Palermo.

The opening of the Festival is scheduled for Friday the 13th at 4.00pm: the first two debates on "Sicilian rock-cliffs: stories of those who remained and those who returned" with the stories of companies that have bet on Sicily, and then "How I finance the company: from EU funds to bank credit ”, with experts and technicians. Saturday 14 from 10 we will talk about the "Communicator trade: training to communicate the Sicilian food" and to follow debate on "Making information, respecting the rules: a set of guidelines for the Food". Also on Saturday at 4 pm space for the technical deepening with the theme "Selling abroad, the path of ecommerce and internationalization" and following the debate "Against food fraud, how to defend oneself: between blockchain and protection marks".

Four workshops will also be held during the Festival. Specifically: guided tasting of Evo oil "naturally nutraceutical"; “Mani in pasta!”: Natural bread-making workshop, with ancient Sicilian grains stone-milled and leavened with sourdough; "What is sown … It is harvested!": Laboratory to introduce the different types of legumes and their properties, allowing each child to "sow" lentils in a jar that he can then take home; "Tropical colors": laboratory on tropical fruits and their the country of origin. The round tables and the debates of the Food and Wine Journalism Festival are valid as formative credits for the continuous training of journalists.

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