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Ferrandelli launches his second list: “I am a candidate to govern against those who repudiated Palermo”

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“I am a candidate to govern Palermo and to give answers to the citizens”.
Thus Fabrizio Ferrandelli, mayoral candidate of + Europe and Action, pointing the finger at those who, like the center-right parties, “are doing a muscular test internally with people who lend their faces and their history for a match after the Municipal and is the one to indicate the president of the Region “.

The municipal councilor, aspiring mayor for the third time in the last three elections, spares no digs even at those who, as in the case of the League, “have cleaned up today and wants to make people believe that they have become national; but it is the same one who wanted to get rid of Sicily and Palermo.
Which repudiated their culture, people, history and disavowed their common nationality “.

This morning Ferrandelli presented the second list in his support and it will be made up of citizens, professionals and traders.
It’s called “E tu splendi Palermo”: a quote from Pier Paolo Pasolini, a tribute to the centenary of the birth of the poet, director and writer killed at 53 in 1975.
For Ferrandelli, “one of the most lucid and imaginative minds of our country” .
“Her words – he continues – contain more than any other slogan the relationship between politics and Palermo, between the city and the rest of the country, between what we could be and what they have made us become”.

“It is not only the League that has told us that we cannot shine – adds Ferrandelli – even our local politicians have made us understand, making us believe that the situation was irrecoverable.
That this Palermo is: dirty, with a budget perpetually in the red.
, with the mafia that is part of it.
Poor, emigrant.
Land of escape “.
There is also something for the center left: “Ours is a project that comes from afar we are not catapulted, we have always been there for Palermo and we are a discontinuity with the past.
At the ballot Miceli will be able to make the serious choice to support the project politician we presented for the city “.

From these considerations, Ferrandelli’s campaign starts, which contrasts “years of commitment to the city and knowledge of the administrative machinery.
I – he concludes – am ready.
Today we decide, as women and men, to look in the face of those who wanted us to believe of not being able to shine and tell them they were wrong and wrong.