Federative pact between DC and Us Moderates

The national political office of the DC, the secretaries and regional commissioners of the party approved a proposal to sign a federative pact with Noi Moderati to support the European People’s Party. The agreement involves planning and promoting unitary political initiatives based on the values and principles of the EPP at institutional, societal, and local levels. Stefano Cirillo, Secretary of the DC in Sicily, stated that the federative pact is born from common political roots and the shared objective of reinforcing the role of the EPP within the democratic and Christian tradition. The DC and Noi Moderati commit to establishing a permanent table for collaboration, proposals, and discussions. The debate during the meeting was characterized by various viewpoints that find renewed militancy and a strong sense of belonging to a political project within the democratic organs of the party. The focus now is on starting the electoral campaign for the European elections, with an event in Agrigento next Sunday with the presence of Lupi, national secretary of Noi Moderati, Totò Cuffaro, national secretary of the DC, and all party leaders.

Patto federativo tra la Dc e Noi Moderati

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