Federation of partisan associations, Matasso president in Sicily “alongside Ukraine”

The Fiap (Italian Federation of Partisan Associations) reorganized itself in Sicily, through the election of a new regional president of the association, established in 1949 by partisans of socialist and social democratic inspiration, shareholder, republican, radical and liberal. The regional committee of Fiap Sicilia will be led by the democratic socialist Antonio Matasso, university professor, lawyer and journalist, current president of the provincial committee of Messina.

The Italian federation of partisan associations boasts the former president of the Council of Ministers Ferruccio Parri as its first national president and founder, who was then succeeded in his mandate by six other leaders of Italian anti-fascism, including the former socialist parliamentarian Mario Artali, the famous partisan commander Aldo Aniasi (historical socialist mayor of Milan and twice minister) and his nephew Luca Aniasi, who currently presides over the organization at a national level.

“On the occasion of the tragedy of the war unleashed by the Russian regime against Ukraine – reads a note – FIAP clearly sided with the attacked country, distancing itself markedly from the other partisan organization, the ANPI, as well as from the pro-Russian declarations of many managers and of the president of the latter, Gianfranco Pagliarulo. Fiap therefore participated in the event Slava Ukraïni! of Milan, promoting initiatives in support of the Ukrainian people throughout Italy and in Sicily itself”.

According to Matasso, «Fiap will be faithful, even on our island, to its own history. We are the heirs of those who wanted to differentiate themselves from the PNA in the years in which that association supported the policy of the Soviet Union and other communist dictatorships. The very inspiration of our founders compels us to declare that it makes no sense to oppose giving weapons to attacked Ukrainians. In Ukraine today the same battle between freedom and tyranny is being fought that marked the Spanish war and the Italian liberation struggle: in the name of anti-fascist values ​​and their profound relevance, we have a moral obligation to support the Ukrainian partisans in every way ».

Matasso began her term as president of Fiap Sicilia, remembering Golda Meir, three weeks after the forty-fourth anniversary of her death: the first woman to lead the Israeli government and an important figure in the international socialist movement, the Labor leader was born in Kiev in 1898 with the name of Golda Mabovič. «For the war to end – concludes Matasso – we can only continue to support Ukrainian democracy, in the face of an invader who not only refused the truce at Christmas, but even intensified the bombings. The courageous example of Golda Meir must lead us, as a community of democracies, to more incisive initiatives against the Russian regime: from Sicily, land of freedom, we anti-fascists demand the exclusion of all Russian banks from the Swift system, an absolute ban on Russia to use the US dollar and the euro, as well as measures that force all companies to have to choose between the Russian market and that of democratic countries”.

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