Feast of San Calogero, the Academy of Fine Arts celebrates the historical “bearers”

Among the collateral initiatives of the feast of San Calogero which, due to the pandemic, will not see the simulacrum on the streets of the city, there is an event scheduled for Friday 9 July, at 19.00, at the Court of the Academy of Fine Arts “Michelangelo ”Of Agrigento in via Bac Bac.

A cultural moment organized by Lello Casesa and Alfredo Prado, now in its eighth edition, to testify, through faith and devotion, the love for San Calogero and its ancient traditions. This year ‘s meeting is dedicated to the “bearers of San Calò”, certainly considered the real protagonists and the central fulcrum of the feast of San Calo’.

Young, adult and elderly bearers are the most characteristic elements of the most loved and disorderly party and, without them, it would have no meaning to carry the simulacrum around the narrow streets of the city. Some of them, on the specific will of the Committee for the recovery of Sicilian folk traditions, will be awarded a special prize with motivation.

Numerous illustrious people from Agrigento joined the invitation including Angelo Capodicasa, Calogero Sodano, Don Angelo Chillura, Alfredo Prado, Marco Zambuto, Nuccio Mula, Vincenza Ierna, Gianfranco Iannuzzo, Giuggiu ‘Gramaglia, Carmelo Lazzaro, Calogero Firetto, Lello Analfino , Alessandro and Giuseppe Salsedo, Michela Faro, Beniamino Biondi, Antonello Seminerio.

On the occasion, a documentary made by maestro Giuseppe Cacocciola will be screened. A musical moment on the Feast of San Calo ‘accompanied by the distribution of bread, a tradition to be revived and enhanced.

The meeting will see the participation of the San Calo ‘bearers’ association and its board to represent the devotion to the black saint and relaunch the religious and spiritual work of Calogero.

Agrigento, 06/07/2021

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