Feast of April 25: the CISL in Misterbianco to celebrate the values ​​and universality of freedom

The CISL of Catania made its contribution to the Liberation Day by joining today the initiative promoted by the Anpi “Roads of Liberation”. This morning, respecting the anti COVID 19 rules, a delegation led by Maurizio Attanasio, secretary general of the Etna CISL, and Alfio Giulio, general secretary of the Fnp Pensionati Cisl Sicilia, participated in Misterbianco at the celebration of April 25, together with the administration extraordinary of the Municipality, represented by the deputy prefect Ferdinando Trombadore. Volunteer associations were present, Lieutenant Pasquale Cuzzola, commander of the Carabinieri lieutenancy, and the commander of the local police, Dr. Stefania Tinnirello.

A young man and an elderly member of the Etna CISL placed a cushion of flowers at the base of the stele dedicated to the young partisan from Misterbianco Orazio Costorella, in the square named after him by the Municipality of Misterbianco.

“Here in Misterbianco we wanted to remember, as in the rest of the province – Attanasio said – the sacrifice of many, young and old, who gave their lives for freedom and democracy. We want to remember their example to reaffirm the importance of the founding values ​​of our Republic and, with a symbolic gesture, to transfer the memory of the elderly to the young, because the future can only be built if one’s past is taken into great consideration ».

Costorella was murdered by the Nazi-fascists on February 17, 1944, just twenty, in Poggio di Otricoli (Terni) during a reprisal, for not having revealed the hiding place of his companions. Later, he was buried in the Garibaldini chapel in the Terni cemetery. Traces of him had been lost, because the phonogram of the carabinieri to the family was lost. Due to a series of circumstances and the stubbornness of a witness to the episode, then a young resident of the village, it became possible to reveal the story and inform family members and the Municipality. At the request of the municipal body, in 2006 the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi awarded the Gold Medal for Civil Valor to the memory of Costorella.

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