Fear on the provincial road Pozzallo-Modica: a truck loses its containers on the road

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Tragedy averted on the provincial road Pozzallo-Marina di Modica, where a truck literally lost the containers it was transporting on the road. Only by pure chance, the cars that were traveling the same stretch of road, near the intersection that leads to the entrance of the city, were not overrun.

When the alarm was raised, a massive intervention by the police was necessary. As a precaution, the health workers of the 118 also arrived on the scene, but no injuries were reported and even the driver of the heavy vehicle remained unharmed.

However, the disruptions along the provincial road were heavy: the containers ended up on the roadway, inevitably blocking traffic, and the rescue and road restoration operations took a long time. The carabinieri of the station of Pozzallo carried out the surveys to reconstruct what happened, while the municipal police officers dealt with the management of traffic, which had meanwhile gone haywire in both directions.

The containers were later removed by the firefighters’ teams from the provincial command, and the assessment of damages to both the containers and their contents began. The impact was indeed violent. A mechanical failure that compromised the anchoring system of the containers may have caused the accident, according to initial investigations. The investigations are ongoing.

Paura sulla strada provinciale Pozzallo-Modica: un tir perde i container per strada

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