FC Messina tries to make up for lost time, I took the Senegalese Thiam and the goalkeeper Selmi

The preparation of the Messina Football Club continues in view of the start of Serie D. The Giallorossi team coached by Palermo, but now Messina by adoption, Carmelo Mancuso is trying to catch up on the delay accumulated in the previous summer weeks.

On Sunday afternoon he had a shared training session with Real Sud, militant in the First Category, useful for the technical staff to check the athletic condition of the group and see several players currently on trial at work. The friendly ended with a score of 3-0 for FC Messina thanks to goals from
The management has in the meantime reached an agreement with the Senegalese Ousmane Thiam, midfielder class 2000 ex Massese and Lanusei, who grew up in the Juventus youth teams, and with the 18-year-old goalkeeper Lorenzo Selmi, who arrived on loan from Pisa. On the other hand, the following are awaiting registration: Carlos Aliaga, Meleon Cuenca, Carlos Marques and Rodrigo Perez. FC Messina remains, therefore, a “construction site” open, while the dates that will sanction the official start of the season are approaching. On Tuesday, the League should announce the Serie D groups and the pairing of the Italian Cup, an event that will begin on 9 October, seven days later the championship will start. The gap that divides the Peloritan club from its rivals will be bridged as soon as possible to relaunch prices and ambitions.

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