FC Messina prepares for the match against San Luca in the Italian Serie D Cup

The Messina Football Club will be back on the pitch on Wednesday (starting at 3 pm at the “Franco Scoglio”) to face San Luca in the first round of the Italian Serie D Cup after the 1-0 defeat at the league debut at Licata.

“The team, for its current potential, is expressing itself to the fullest of possibilities – declared the Giallorossi coach Carmelo Mancuso at the end of the match -. We must always remember that it is a group built from scratch, whose players have been training for less than a month, some of which arrived in dribs and drabs and in the running. We managed to set several times from the bottom and not only to defend ourselves, also dribbling a lot in midfield. Not having many offensive options, of course, we couldn’t do more than this. None of the players are to blame. Despite the goal immediately, I really liked the defense, especially if you think that the defensive line was made up of a 2000, a ’99, a 2001, a 2002 and a 2003. They were good at building, without throwing the ball in. forward to sweep it. The real problem was the offensive department, but it is no secret: we are waiting for reinforcements and the club is working hard to find some more important elements forward ”. In the meantime, the club has made official the arrivals of the striker Jaime Siaj, the left side Juan Carlos Perèz and the defender Josè Carlos Aliaga, who have, however, been available to the coach for a few weeks and have made their debut in Licata.