Fc Messina, official: application submitted for admission to C – Sicily

Fc Messina has submitted the application for registration in the next Serie C championship in time, indeed in extremis at 23:49 on Wednesday 21 July.
We publish the official club note:
Today all the documentation for admission to the Serie C championship was presented at the offices of the Lega Italia Calcio Professional in Florence. The association of the president Rocco Arena, with great effort on the part of all the collaborators and professionals close to the club, he managed in the race against time to perfect all the documentation necessary to register the team for its first historic Lega Pro championship.
In this context, a heartfelt thanks goes to the company Fc Crotone, in the person of the president Gianni Vrenna, for the cordial willingness shown in making available together with the Administration of the Municipality of the Pythagorean city led by the mayor Enzo Voce the Stadium “Ezio Scida” of Crotone, where the Sicilian team will play their home games pending completion of the works on the city stadium.
A special thanks also goes to the SE on Prefect of Messina Cosima Di Stani and to SE the Prefect of Crotone Maria Carolina Ippolito, with their respective Vicars, Patrizia Adorno and Eufemia Tarsia, for their availability and sensitivity, to the Quaestors of Crotone and Messina Massimo Gambino and dr. Gennaro Capoluongo and their respective Vicars Paolo Iodice and Antonio Borelli for their kind collaboration. The President Rocco Arena thanks all the directors and the vice president for their availability, self-denial and commitment together with the collaborators and friends of FC Messina who have spent these days of maximum effort to achieve a goal for everyone coveted but for many unattainable. At the end of this marathon I really feel like saying thank you to everyone and go Messina ”.

Photo source: Gazzetta del Sud