Favara, the first edition of the Donna Coraggio award kicks off

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Organized by the Cif “ND Maria Ghibellini Turco – Sez Lillo Palumbo Piccionello”, the 1st Edition of the “Woman Courage Award” will take place on July 22nd at 8.00 pm at the Farm Cultural Park in Favara.

It is an initiative strongly desired by the President Antonella Morreale and her collaborators: Katia Patti, Laura Pompeo, Cinzia Taibi, Giovanna Terrana, Gera Saieva and Antonella Vullo, who in this way wanted to give recognition to those women who, for various reasons, they have distinguished themselves for having affirmed, commitment and values, and thus represent examples for the whole society.

Women, leading figures in stories of solidarity, pain, strength and great struggles, will be the protagonists of this first edition which rewards:

-Maria Volpe, retired police inspector;
-Graziella Accept, mother of the little Claudio Domino killed by the mafia in Palermo;
-Giovanna Zizzo, mother of Laura, the little girl killed by her father in San Giovanni La Punta;
-Nadia Lauricella, disabled influencer from Racalmuto;
-Piera Maggio mother of Denise Pipitone, who disappeared into thin air in September 2004 in Mazara del Vallo.
Debora Spigola who, despite the difficulties she faces every day, makes herself available to help others

The evening will be conducted by the journalist Margherita Trupiano;
Artistic Director: Franco Sodano
Artistic interventions: ARCOBALENO theater company; Musical interventions: Rino Boccadoro and Mimmo Pontillo

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