Favara, standing ovation for the remake of the film Marcellino pane e vino

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As the film’s credits rolled by, the crowd stood up, as often happens, to a standing ovation.
At the end of the screening, the audience applauded intensely for several minutes the remake of the film “Macellino pane e vino” produced by Silvana Grano, Myriam Russello and Stefano Vinciguerra.
The right reward for all the efforts made and the difficulties faced.

Giovanni Costanza presented the first screening of the film that tells the novel by José María Sánchez Silva Marcelino Pan y Vino.
On stage he also called the institutional guests at the end of the screening, including the mayor Antonio Palumbo and the city councilor Angelo Airò Farulla.
Also present were Don Calogero Lo Bello, parish priest of the BMV Itria church and Fra Giovanni, a minor friar of the San Antonio di Favara convent.

Favara, standing ovation for the remake of the film “Marcellino bread and wine” Favara, standing ovation for the remake of the film “Marcellino bread and wine” Favara, standing ovation for the remake of the film “Marcellino bread and wine” Favara, standing ovation for the remake of the film “Marcellino pane e vino”

The film, screened in the cloister of the convent, received important acclaim, such as the declaration of the mayor Antonio Palumbo: “Congratulations for the making of the film, it was very moving.
A final full of emotion.
The thing that moved me the most was seeing these children who looked like actors, as if they had always done this in life ”.

Besides the mayor, councilor Angelo Airò Farulla was also present at the screening: “It was a good experience to see this film played by children.
Congratulations on the organization, congratulations on everything, it was really exciting.
Favara is this, Favara is what we want.
So on the part of the municipal administration you have our support for the next initiatives “.

And the proof of a well-done, mature job was also the satisfaction of the audience who applauded for a long time at the end of the screening, and then stood up for an exciting standing ovation.
Visibly moved, the promoters wanted to thank the children’s parents for the patience they had for more than two months of hard work, the friars of the convent for the location, the administration for being present, including the mayor and the commissioner, the sponsors and all present came to pay homage to them in their “author’s proof”.

The remake based on the 1955 film “Macellino pane e vino” by Ladislao Vajda with Pablito Calvo in the part of Marcellino sees new screenplays by Silvana Grano and Myriam Russello, directed and edited by Stefano Vinciguerra.
The music (the soundtrack), signed by Pablo Sorozabal, includes the reworking of the songs by Myriam Russello.
But the commitments for Stefano Vinciguerra are by no means finished here, he will immediately put himself behind the camera to make another feature film that will address the issue of legality this time.

Next evening scheduled for June 23, 2022 at the garden of the Bmv Itria church, we are waiting for you in many.

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