Favara, Carabinieri continue with AntiCovid checks

Even today anticovid checks by the Carabinieri of Favara.

Checks continue in Favara by the police of the local Tenenza to verify compliance with the anticovid rules imposed by the red zone. Favara was declared at high risk of contagion until April 28th.

This morning a patrol was on duty in Piazza della Pace.

Several cars were stopped by the soldiers of the Tenenza di Via Holland and motorists who were checked.

In principle, everything under control. The people of Favara generally know how to behave with the regulations in force.

However, it seems that something has not been well received – the carabinieri tell us. We are in the red zone. It is not possible to travel by car between people of different families. Two friends, two acquaintances, two boyfriends, cannot travel together seated both in front.