Favara attempts unauthorized school pickup, assaults teacher

A parent of a student in Favara school attacked a teacher because she opposed the early dismissal. The man did not want to present any authorization form to pick up his daughter before the scheduled time. According to initial reports, the 28-year-old wanted to surprise his daughter by taking her out of class early, and when the teacher refused, he assaulted her, dragging her down the hallway and causing her to fall. The teacher’s colleagues immediately alerted the principal, who called the police. Upon arrival, the officers were also attacked by the man, who was then arrested. He is charged with resisting arrest and assaulting the teacher in an attempt to force her to neglect her duties. The man was released from custody after one night because no precautionary measures were applied, although the police action was validated.

Favara, pretende di far uscire la figlia da scuola senza autorizzazione e aggredisce l’insegnante

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