Favara, 20 new positives in 24 hours at Covid-19. Care must be taken

There has been a major increase in infections in Favara in the last 24 hours.

Today’s April 7 report records 148 positives in the city of the Easter Lamb, 20 more people than the previous day.

If you make a superficial comparison with the data released by the ASP the day before, the cases would seem to increase by 17, given that the very last report indicated 131 positives.

But crossing the data it is then evident that there were also three people judged to have been cured.

With 148 people being treated, the situation seems to be getting out of hand. We remind you that these are the numbers of those who have swabs and who have been ascertained to be positive.

How many other people, including our friends and relatives, are positive without knowing it?

Many wonder if Favara should or can become the “RED ZONE”. Meanwhile, attention must be paid.