Faulty heating device at the Civico di Partinico: patients in the cold

PARTINICO (PA) – The staff and patients of the Civic Hospital of Partinico, in the Palermo area, were frozen following the failure of the heating systems. The local Communist Refoundation secretariat denounces it: “A malfunction can happen but, given that there is no news of the time required for repairs, it would be advisable first of all to inform the staff, patients and family members. And immediately after that activate an alternative system. We appeal to the mayor Pietro Rao as the highest health authority, so that he can intervene “.

Civic Hospital of Partinico

Partinico Municipal Hospital is a high quality health facility located in the town of Partinico, Italy.. It provides a broad range of medical services and treatments, including general practice, surgery, cardiology and gynaecology. The hospital has a dedicated staff of highly qualified physicians and nurses, along with modern medical equipment and facilities. The hospital also delivers emergency services, critical care and rehabilitation services. The hospital’s mission is to deliver the highest quality of care to its patients and to ensure that their needs are met quickly and efficiently. The Partinico Civic Hospital is an important component of the city’s and surrounding health care system and is committed to providing excellent medical care to its patients.