Father and son from Naro sentenced to 30 years for killing a man with a pickaxe

The Supreme Court has handed down a final verdict in the case of the murder of Constantine Pinau, a Romanian farmer who was beaten to death with a stick and shovel in the center of Naro in the summer of 2018. Vasile and Vladut Lupascu, father and son, have been sentenced to thirty years in prison. The Court of Cassation rejected the defense’s appeal, thus bringing an end to the lengthy judicial process. Last year, the Court of Cassation had annulled the previous sentence and ordered a retrial, specifically focusing on two aggravating factors: premeditation and taking advantage of circumstances that hindered self-defense. The new court recognized these aggravating factors and upheld the conviction. This decision by the Supreme Court definitively concludes the case.

Uccisero un uomo a colpi di zappa, 30 anni di carcere a padre e figlio di Naro

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