Fatal train accident: 5 workers died due to telephone error

In the early hours of August 31st, an accident occurred in Brandizzo, Italy, resulting in the deaths of five railway workers. The accident happened while they were changing tracks and three trains were passing through. Investigations are underway to determine if proper procedures were followed and who is responsible. The Minister of Infrastructure, Matteo Salvini, has stated that there are clear procedures in place that must be followed before working on tracks. Two individuals, the site foreman and a technician, are being investigated for multiple homicides and railway disaster with eventual malice. Phone recordings suggest that the technician made multiple unsuccessful attempts to obtain permission from the control center to work on the tracks. It remains unclear which train they were waiting for and why it was not properly communicated to the workers. The recordings also capture the sound of the accident. It is evident that certain safety devices were not in place, although it is unclear when they should have been used. The investigation is ongoing, and further interrogations will take place once more evidence is gathered. A silent procession organized by labor unions will be held to honor the victims.

Nelle telefonate l’errore della strage del treno, così sono morti i 5 operai

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