Fatal incident in Emilia: Tiziana Brucato and sister in search of job, Caltavuturo in tears

Two inseparable sisters, forever separated by a tragic car accident. They were twins, and in April they had both graduated together in Communication Sciences for Cultures and Arts and were now looking for jobs. They had scheduled some job interviews in Emilia, where their relatives lived, but Tiziana Brucato died in a terrible collision with a truck along with her aunt, Lara Cattani, 51 years old. Tiziana’s sister, Emanuela, was seriously injured and hospitalized, as well as their 25-year-old cousin who called for help after the car was reduced to a tangle of wreckage. The trip to Emilia had been filled with enthusiasm and hope for the two girls, originally from Caltavuturo but living in Palermo, who were staying with their aunt in the province of Modena. They were driving the aunt’s Renault Clio to go to the airport and return to Sicily when the tragedy occurred along the Nuova Bazzanese road in the municipality of Zola Predosa. Tiziana had many plans and dreams to fulfill after obtaining her degree with effort and sacrifice, but the unexpected happened on that road: for reasons yet to be determined, the car ended up in the opposite lane while a truck was passing, and one hypothesis is that the aunt had a sudden illness, causing her to lose control of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the news of the girl and woman’s death has plunged the community of Caltavuturo into grief. The town in the Madonie region, where the family is well known, has declared a day of mourning on the day of the funerals. “The mayor, the municipal administration, and the entire city council join in the deep sorrow of the Brucato family for the tragic passing of their daughter Tiziana and aunt Lara Cattani. The Municipality of Caltavuturo expresses its condolences to all the family members.”

L’incidente mortale in Emilia: Tiziana Brucato e la sorella cercavano un lavoro, Caltavuturo in lacrime

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