Fatal accident on the A29 between the Montelepre and Terrasini junctions towards Palermo (VIDEO) | BlogSicily

Terrible accident with outcomes deadly in the afternoon along thehighway A 29 Mazara del Vallo – Palermo in the direction of the island’s capital.

Pietro Serpentania aged 49, he died in an accident on Palermo Mazara del Vallo between Montelepre and Terrasini in the direction of the island’s capital. Due to a cause still to be ascertained, two vans have come into contact with each other. The Trapani worker lost his life in the impact.

Among the people traveling on the two vehicles there are also three injured and one was transported, in red code, to the hospital of Villa Sofia in Palermo. The 118 health workers and the firefighters intervened. The surveys to ascertain responsibility are carried out by the traffic police. Anas employees are also on the scene to secure the area of ​​the accident.

Today’s clash extends the sequence of deaths on the Sicilian roads. Just about ten days ago another fatal accident took place in Marsala. He had lost his life in that case Nicola Titone just 46 years old. The collision between the motorcycle and a van took place in Ventrischi area.

The bike that Titone was driving collided with a van of a shipping company at the intersection between Ventrischi and Sant’Anna. The man violently banged his face, and his condition immediately appeared serious.

On the other hand, the last victim on the street in the city of Palermo dates back to 7 February. A real tragedy that cost the life of a girl of just 16 years. Andrea Romanasu, resident of Altavilla Milicia, died in a car accident near the Forum shopping center in via Pecoraino.

The girl was traveling in one Fiat Cinquecento metallic blue, led by another young man. The car hit the guardrail several times and Romanasu was thrown out of the cockpit and ended up on the asphalt.

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