Fask – Fast Animals And Slow Kids, at the former Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò l’Arena – Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò l’Arena in Catania

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When Monday 18 July 2022

Monday 18 July in the Court of the former Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò l’Arena in Catania Fask – Fast Animals And Slow Kids.

For Fast animals and slow kids, the stage is certainly the perfect place to celebrate the union between their music and the public: sweat, stage diving, rock ‘n’ roll and the liberating scream that never fails during concerts “We are the fast animals and slow kids and we come from Perugia”.

Furthermore, the tour is an opportunity for the band of Aimone Romizi (voice, guitar, percussion), Alessio Mingoli (drums, second voice), Jacopo Gigliotti (bass) and Alessandro Guercini (Guitars) to present live, in addition to successes that have marked the 10-year career of the band, also and above all the songs from the latest album “It’s already tomorrow” (published by Woodworm under exclusive Believe Artist Services license), which gave the group a lot of satisfaction last autumn, as well as to the unreleased song “Vita Sperduta” published on 11 March.

In the context of “Open Doors Unict – Music Theater Cinema“, the review of cultural events that the University of Catania organizes annually for its students and for the whole city.

UNICT REDUCED TICKET INFO – Thanks to the renewed synergy between Puntoeacapo and the University of Catania, once again this year, there will be a discount on tickets, reserved for students and university staff: students enrolled at the University of Catania and who are part of mobility and exchange programs with the University as well as university staff will be able to purchase the respective tickets at the reduced cost of € 25.30 each.
(including presale)

Reduced tickets can be purchased exclusively at the Tabacchi Magni sales point in Via San Giuliano 239 Catania, and at the concert box office, on the day of the shows.
At the time of purchase, it will be necessary to show a copy of the University membership card or other document certifying the existence of the relationship with the University and to be in compliance with the payment of university fees.

Tickets available on www.puntoeacapo.uno – www.tickettando.it

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