Farmhouses and educational farms in Sicily, the numbers of 2020 –

The sector of agritourism companies and educational farms in the province of Messina is confirmed as a whole for 2020; the same happened in the rest of Sicily, on 31 December last year.

The statistic was published last Friday in the Gurs. They are accommodation facilities in full crisis like all the others, due to the coronavirus emergency, but they remain in business, between partial openings and refreshments, waiting for the emergency to cease and can continue to be among the favorite destinations for catering and time free.

At a statistical level, the province of Messina, which, in 2018, had reached the first place at the regional level, equaling the primacy of the province of Syracuse for agritourisms, in 2020, as it already happened in 2019, is still in fourth place. Syracuse is always in the lead with 145 – the figure is increasing, then there is Palermo 137 and Ragusa 108 and Messina with 102. In total in Sicily there are 771. In detail, the Tyrrhenian area is in the lead with 37, a number which increases including the companies of Leni, Malfa, Stromboli and Santa Marina Salina; followed by the Nebrodi with 36, then 18 by the Ionian area and finally 7 by the Peloritani.

The municipalities with the greatest incidence in the Tyrrhenian and Nebroid areas are: Patti with 7, Lipari with 5, San Piero Patti and Caronia with 4 and then with 3 there are Gioiosa Marea, Ucria, Pettineo and Tortorici.

There are 7 educational farms in the province and they have all been confirmed: in San Piero Patti, Gioiosa Marea, Longi, Sant’Agata Militello, Raccuja, Giardini Naxos and Mistretta. The province of Messina in this ranking is in the rear. Palermo and Syracuse with 18, then Catania with 17, Trapani, Enna and Agrigento with 9 and after Messina with 7, close Ragusa and Caltanissetta with 6, for a total of 99 educational farms in Sicily.

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