Farmer found dead in a tub in Salemi: according to the coroner, he fell ill

Talks about cardiac arrest in his report the coroner who performed the cadaveric inspection on the body of Rosario Oliveri, the 71-year-old farmer who disappeared on Christmas Eve from Gibellina and found dead yesterday morning in the countryside of Salemiin the Baronia district.

The body was found in a rainwater pit. A group of scouts gave the alarm. Rosario Oliveri, had left home on Saturday in his car found the day before yesterday two kilometers away from the place where the body was instead traced. Having no more news of him, the worried family members had filed a missing persons report to the carabinieri.

The searches made it possible to find the car, equipped with GPS, on an old railway road in the Salento countryside. The machine had been locked. Oliveri, however, seemed to have vanished into thin air until yesterday, when the lifeless body was found submerged in mud. Now we need to understand why Oliveri was in that area.

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