Farewell to Roberto Nobile, the eclectic actor who also played Caltanissetta exactly one year ago

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The actor Roberto died suddenly in Rome Noble, he was 74 years old, a long career divided between successful film and theater fiction.
The TV audience remembers him for a much loved character in the series that is a champion of ratings, Commissioner Montalbano, Nicolo ‘Zito, the journalist of Retelibera, friend and adviser of Luca Zingaretti in many investigations, a role he has played since 1999 but also in Antonio Parmesan.
in the Police District.

Born in Verona but originally from Ragusa (and Roman by adoption).
Much loved by the TV audience, he made his debut on the small screen with La Piovra.
Among his fictions, the Octopus in the seventh and eighth season, A big family, From father to daughter, Don Matteo and Nero Wolfe.

The latest works on the small screen were in Squadra Mobile, in 2015, the miniseries Kissed by the Sun in 2016, Maltese in 2018 and The devil’s watches with Beppe Fiorello in 2020.
At the cinema he collaborated with directors such as Pupi Avati (Graduation party , Last minute) Gianni Amelio (Doors open), Giuseppe Tornatore (Everyone’s fine), Nanni Moretti (The son’s room, Dear diary, Habemus papam), Carlo Mazzacurati (Vesna va Veloce), Ermanno Olmi (Tickets), Daniele Luchetti for La scuola in the role of Professor Mortillaro, Costanza Quatriglio, as narrator of Terramatta.
Noble he was engaged in the preparation of a theatrical monologue from Horace.

He recently staged Ovid’s Metamorphoses which was also staged in Caltanissetta on 30 July 2021.

(Watch on Facebook the video interview with the actor made before the show “Metamorphosis” staged in Caltanissetta in Largo Barile on 30 July 2021)

Noble surname and surname was never more appropriate.
He had the education, composure, posture and elegance of soul of a nobleman.
We became friends right away.
For over twenty years.
Nicolo ‘was a meek man, with a wonderful smile, brilliant conversation, innate kindness.

He was a fine artist, an actor passionate about his work: I remember when I gave him a pain in the ass because he always wanted to repeat, file, change a few lines, and I remember that I took him bad words because a lot, then, he did as he said him ”, writes ‘Montalbano’.
And then the memories: “How many dinners in front of the sea, how many gossip, how many projects and how many laughs.
In our profession it happens that you don’t see each other for a long time, but also that, when you find yourself, he starts again from where he left off.
Now you are gone and it seems impossible to me that your smile has gone out and that your kindness is no longer there.
I am astonished, I am drained and saddened.
I love you Roberto, I will always love you ”.

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2022-07-30 21:54:00

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