Farewell to Mario Genovese, iconic restaurateur of Messina: “Your restaurant will reopen in heaven”

Mario Genovese, a renowned restaurateur in Messina, Italy, has passed away, leaving behind memories of a bygone culinary tradition. His restaurant, “Lungomare Da Mario,” was a popular spot for both locals and tourists since the 1960s. The restaurant’s proximity to the Vittorio Emanuele theater attracted many actors, making it a celebrity hotspot. Genovese attributed the closure of the restaurant in 2018 to the construction of a tram line that would have a negative impact on his business. Many people have expressed their condolences for the restaurateur, highlighting the enjoyable meals and fond memories spent at his establishment. Genovese was also known for his involvement with the local Milan Club Messina ’85 and was described as a generous and remarkable individual. The funeral will take place on August 28th in the San Giuliano church in Messina.

Addio a Mario Genovese, storico ristoratore di Messina: “Il tuo locale riaprirà in cielo”

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