Farewell to an indefatigable researcher

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Giovanni Mendola, professor of art history, died.
He was involved in archival research, with particular attention to the artistic aspects of Sicily.
For those who knew him well it is “a serious loss for the world of research and for studies on art and artists working on the island and, in particular, in Palermo in the modern age”.

The Regional Gallery of Sicily remembers him this way: “An attentive scholar and an indefatigable researcher leaves.
Mendola has always given his important contribution to the historical and artistic research supported by documentary sources.
The polyptych of Carmine Maggiore, the stay of Van Dyck in Palermo, the artistic environment of Palermo between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are just some of his investigations, to which numerous others would certainly have been added.
Of Giovanni Mendola we remember not only the method of rigorous research and inquisitive curiosity, but also the great availability towards colleagues and openness and support to young scholars “.

Through continuous research in archival collections, the teacher had also contributed considerably to a better knowledge of the Sicilian historical-artistic heritage.
Mendola had jeopardized Caravaggio’s acclaimed stay in Palermo, opening new horizons, and, documents in hand, had moved back in time the execution of the famous feast of the Nativity, which has sadly disappeared.
The funeral will take place tomorrow 22 June at 11 in the Church of Sant’Espedito in via Garzilli.

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